EBS instructor

EBS is the world’s leading bartender school

Since 1999, we’ve trained over 70,000 students at our 25+ schools around the world. But our training gives you more than just a qualification. With EBS, you’ll get lifelong friendships, unforgettable memories and a taste of life behind a real bar.

Established in 1999

Since 1999, we’ve expanded across the globe and have opened over 28 bartender schools across 5 continents. In the past 20 years, over 70 000 people have taken our unique courses, many of whom have gone on to achieve extraordinary things.

Schools all over the world

We have schools located in 20 countries across Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, and Africa. We offer you city locations, beach resorts, and even a skiing destination in the Alps.

A huge bartending family

We are the largest bartender school in the world in terms of the number of students we educate and the number of schools we have worldwide. This is why our certificate is globally-recognised and is something to be proud of.

The most developed bartender course ever

Our International Bartender Course is the industry’s most comprehensive course. It’s recognised due to the first-class practical and theoretical education our students receive.

Jane Keaw-Yod

Training designed by industry experts

Jane Keaw-Yod is a multi-award winning bartender who’s showcased his skills on countless TV shows, from Thailand’s Got Talent to Woody’s talk show. 


Jane is part of the EBS Board of Education, a team of industry leaders who design and refresh our world-class courses. He plays a key role in keeping course standards high and ensuring students receive the most comprehensive training available.

Meet the minds behind our courses


Jane Keaw-Yod

Award-winning flair bartender who is well-known for his flair performances on TV

Giacomo Giannotti bartender

Giacomo Giannotti

Owner of the 19th best bar in the world, where he serves up his signature experimental cocktails.


Tom Dyer

Winner of 50+ flair competitions, 2x Flair World Champion & World Flair Association founder


Gavin Wrigley

Head of Education at EBS, with 10 years’ experience managing bars across the world


Björn Kjellberg

World-renowned tequila master and 2x winner of the ‘Best Bar In Sweden’


Ludovic Ducrocq

Globally recognised whiskey expert with almost 20 years’ experience in the industry

EBS MatchStaff job portal

Find work easily with the EBS job platform

Once you graduate, you’ll get free lifelong access to EBS MatchStaff. With this, you’ll be first in line for the best jobs in the industry. This exclusive online platform will connect you with top bars, restaurants and clubs all over the world, putting hundreds of exciting job opportunities at your fingertips.