From foodies who want to turn themselves into brewers
When entering a teenager Passion for light, music, curiosity for the new A craving for alcoholic beverages Until being exposed to a wide variety of drinks And every time you have a chance to try or mix Will make you excited And always amazed at the taste of the drink called Cocktails.
One day I thought Taste a lot of Cocktails. And a chance to find new experiences By changing to a maker And having been in the restaurant service for many years, looking at the Counter Bar in my restaurant every day shows that the potential of the bar has Should be able to push this further And to complement the restaurant serving better and better quality beverages
Therefore decided to find a school bartender To receive professional bartender training

Getting to know the European Bartender School
I got to know EBS in 2017 through Social Media. The first time I saw EBS's Video Presentation, the question arose in my mind: Bartender training that looks both fun Both gaining knowledge and doing various activities like this, does it really exist? Therefore trying to find more information And the more interesting it is, the more the need to learn to be a maker And of course, the location of EBS in Phuket is very interesting. It is one place that people all over the world dream to come to. That makes it a difficult decision to apply for EBS.

First steps and exposure to EBS
The first day of stepping into EBS, I felt the warmth of the experienced EBS personnel. Welcome with a smile And ready to supply a wealth of knowledge to students from day one
Moreover, the place is clean, beautiful and complete ready to study.
EBS, located a short walk from the beautiful beach known as Kata Beach, is Phuket's favorite beach for lovers of surfing or surfing. This is known as a paradise in the south and a province that is a world-class tourist destination.


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The impression of EBS Phuket on the first day
Inside this bartender school With complete learning materials There are both excellent managed and maintained accommodation available for students. There are both delicious restaurants. And what is indispensable is the great tasting drink and, of course, the classroom, organized in neat proportions, with a real Bar Station provided. Can be used to practice throughout the duration of the bartender training course at EBS Phuket.

In addition to EBS Phuket, not far from this beautiful beach, EBS's specialty is its rooftop pool. Along with a small but cool bar, this rooftop is home to a host of fun activities. That the school always holds Each activity is considered cool and should not be missed. In addition to being an activity ground It is also a quiet recreation area suitable for reading, reviewing texts as well.

EBS Phuket organizes stress relief activities that are knowledgeable in all activities. Both in and out of place So that all EBS students can do many activities together. Which ensures that everyone will find the happiness and fun from training bartender On this beautiful island of Phuket Definitely not from anywhere

Learning that only exists in EBS!
Period of study In this bartender school Both theory and practice are studied.
The theory is to delve into the history and production methods of all kinds of beverages. Learn the name, origins, how to use the device And have also tasted almost all kinds of drinks To study the taste of the drink as well
And practice Is to actually mix the drink Starting with the Classic Cocktail recipe that any bartender must know
In addition to mixing drinks, there are also courses on how to use the style of blending drinks, tossing bottles, shaking, beautiful pouring styles, and how to pour the right amount, creativity in making each drink. To make it look beautiful When did we work behind bars? Customers will see attractive images. These are the professional skills that will carry us.

After the course
After completing the bartender training course from EBS, everyone who trained will receive a certificate. Which is recognized around the world And also brings back the knowledge that has returned to improve oneself in the field of better mixing of drinks And have been adapted in the dining room And in his own line of work In order to serve drinks with high quality and interesting You can also use the knowledge that has been acquired to share with others.

The pride received In choosing a bartender course

In this era, Bartender is a career that many people dream of. If anyone has experienced a career called Bartender, then they will know that mixing drinks. There is more to it than just mixing. As many people see And is a career to have It's always new to meet and learn, and EBS will be a bartender training experience you can't find anywhere else. And tell everyone with confidence That we have learned to be a good professional bartender from
European Bartender School Phuket


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